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Respirator Hospital Breathing Machine Medical Ventilator 510S

with advanced technology and versatile ventilation functions, 510S integrated respiratory work station meets the breathing requirements of adult and pediatric


* Patient Type

   Adult & Child (>3.5kg)

* Ventilation Modes

* Enhancements

  Apnea back-up ventilation 

  Manual breath

  Alarm silence

* Monitoring Data

  MV                    VT                 Frequency(f)

  FiO2                 Ppeak             PEEP

*Alarm Setting


*Gas Supply

*Physical Specifications

Product Benefits:

Complete Ventilation Modes

  • The device hosts six ventilation Modes.

  • Besides the conventional Volume-Controlled ventilation mode, it also has Pressure-Controlled ventilation modes.

  • SIMV and CPAP modes. The machine can provide a precise tidal volume.

  • It also provides inspiration hold and manual breath, one-button operation, and is thus incredibly convenient.

Ideal O2 Delivery

  • With its advanced technology, the rance of FiO2 can be set from 40% to 100%.

  • Furthermore, this range can be adjusted continuously.

Clinical Enhancements

  • Manual breath

  • Inspiratory hold

  • Alarm silence

  • Pre-use test

Working Scenarios

  • Ward,Emergency Department,Sub-acute Care Unit.

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