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Business Type: A healthcare product procurement platform
Year Established: 2015
Country/Region: Hong Kong,China
Main Products: Test kits, Masks, Disinfection wipes, Respirators, Isolation gown, Goggles, Gloves
Main Markets: Europe, North America, Asia, Africa
Partner suppliers: 3000+

Sagriatech, affiliated with POWERICH (HK) COMPANY LIMITED, is a service platform for global pharmaceutical buyers, providing one-stop medical products purchasing services and international logistics services.

Sagriatech focuses on the medical and health industry, and our service includes the purchasing of drugs, medical devices, biological products, health products, etc., especially epidemic prevention products, specifically including test kits, masks,Disinfection wipes, respirators, isolation gown, goggles, gloves, etc.

Sagriatech aims to provide the best cost-effective healthcare products and international logistics services for global medical institutes and retail pharmacies. We have a perfect pharmaceutical variety structure and rich supplier resources. There are thousands of upstream cooperative suppliers and multiple suppliers for each product to ensure the diversified needs of customers and meet the "one-stop" purchasing experience. We have also established a complete international logistics network and established long-term and stable strategic cooperation relations with dozens of large international logistics companies. In China's major port cities, we can achieve rapid response and provide high-quality and convenient international logistics services.

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